The world's first memecoin pre-announced as a rugpull.


In today's fast-paced crypto world, it's hard to keep up with the latest trends — and you never know when the project you put all your faith and hard-earned fiat in will turn out to be a rugpull. We have decided to simply the process for you by announcing right off the bat: yes, $THEPLAN is a rugpull.

Unlike many projects in crypto, which refuse to offer financial advice, we can confidently give this financial advice: do not buy this coin, as it will go to zero. Only trust information on theplan.website or official socials. We would not want you to accidentally make money.

post-launch update

We managed to raise a whopping 8.8 ETH during our presale. However, before we were able to make off with the funds, a vigilante hacker took 6.9 ETH and deposited it in a LP, ensuring the token had a legitimate launch. However, that has not stopped us from rugging some of the remaining things to do things like:

key deets



Please send an email to our very official business email at theplancoin@aol.com.